Players Registering to Teams

01 Feb 2020


Once teams are registered for the new season, a team organiser will receive a Team Code (please contact us on 9227 6526 should you not receive one).
Team Codes will allow players to individually register to each team. As part of this, they will also have the opportunity to choose whether or not to register for optional Player Accident Insurance. This will incur a small fee of $7.50 for the season.

Loftus Recreation Centre is proud to become one of the only social sports competitions to offer this kind of insurance. Register for this, and if you’re injured playing sports at Loftus, you could be eligible to receive benefits including payment for loss of income if you’re unable to work.

In order to register for your team, first obtain your Team Code and head to the relevant link:

Basketball | Netball | Futsal | Rebound Soccer | Volleyball

For more information regarding Player Accident Insurance, please view the Product Disclosure Statement available on the relevant sports page on our website.

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