The Story About The Hip

16 Jan 2020
By Ian Wee
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The Hip

The bowl like structure residing at the base of your skeletal column functions far more than it is given credit for. In fact treating practitioners will often ignore the musculature and associated joints within and part of the hip complex and rather focus on the lower back or the lower extremities when many of the simple conditions from a biomechanical and neuromuscular basis exists within. 

No surprise the biomechanical way which hips need to be treated and seen clinically differ between males and females with the male hip relatively vertical in relation to its side walls and for females angled outwards for the simple reason of child bearing and safety of the fetus.

Also housed within the bowl structure are our sexual organs, urinary system and the bottom end of our bowels and if you consider all these critical systems, you would like to think that people should focus more on their hips than they currently do.

The hip is really joined in to parts - to the front or anterior called the Pubic Symphysis which is an extremely strong and rigid muscle which athletes seen to regularly overstrain with actions like excessive striding and stretching beyond the tensile strength of this ligament.  There are also now some aggressive body sports in the guise of dynamic stretching which causes associated problems.

The most neglected aspect of hip care is the importance of treating BOTH the posterior and anterior aspects of the body with a high percentage of practitioners shying away from the anterior due to the stigma of working in close proximity to the external sex organs. Take the Hip Flexors which through the above diagram demonstrates a two part muscle structure of the Iliopsosas. 

This muscle really has two origins and one major insertion in the front or the anterior yet focus seems to be at the original and seldom at the insertion which is really crucial since the majority of this muscle cannot be reached as it resides within the bowl of the hip.

Here at Perth Integrated Health we work actively on both sides of the hip and also focus on the side aspects which are so critically linked to the hip joint / acetabulum which links the body to the lower limb. Often in many loss causes requiring the dread hip replacement we see from radiological findings neglect of the hip which results in pelvic tilt sideways or forwards-backwards (anterior posterior) thus causing unequal impact on the legs hence the gradual degeneration of the hip joint.

Proper rehab and biomechanical correction via therapy and exercise physiology aided also with proper guided remedial massage goes a long way in resolving issues whether it has reached the phase of surgical intervention or when detected earlier by us - preventing surgery.

Working Together

Our sports medicine team works closely with our biomechanical team to ensure the proper requirements of medical intervention and medical based exercise and rehabilitation.


HUBER Dynamic Treatment 

We are privileged to be one of the few clinics and sports medicine centers in Australia with the specialization of treatment in motion which makes everything practical and functional.


Patient Education

We believe strongly in the balance of clinical hands on care and proper fitness rehabilitation and for the second year running in 2020 we have the collaboration with Belgravia Leisure WA to host a series of health and sports medicine related workshops for our patients and their clients at Loftus Recreation Centre. Watch this space for the first segment scheduled for mid Feb 2020!

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